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Liberating   Iraq   tells   the   “other   side”   of   the   story—how   the   nearly   500,000   Americans   who   served   in Iraq   touched   a   country   and   changed   it   for   good.   In   addition,   it   tells   the   story   of   the   Assyrian Christians   who   are   in   peril   as   the   “victory”   in   Iraq   has   been   squandered.   What   has   particularly touched   me   is   finally   being   able   to   say   “thank   you”   to   the   families   of   the   nearly   4,500   who   gave   their lives so that Iraq could be free. —Pat Boone, American Singer, Actor, and Writer
Amir   George   has   written   a   thought-provoking   book   that   reveals   the   plight   of   the   Assyrian   Christians in   Iraq   not   only   throughout   history,   but   in   the   wake   of   Iraq’s   liberation   as   well.   As   he   poignantly reveals,   all   must   work   hard   for   the   Assyrian   Christians   of   Iraq   to   keep   them   safe   in   their   Cradle   of Civilization. Otherwise it will be a great loss. —Gewargis Sliwa, Metropolitan of Iraq and Russia, For the Assyrian Church of the East
'Liberating   Iraq'   tells   the   story   of   the   many   Iraqis   who   truly   did   “dance   in   the   streets”   at   the   fall   of Saddam's   repressive   regime   and   of   the Americans,   nearly   a   half   million   of   whom   helped   liberate   and rebuild   Iraq.   But   it   also   underscores   a   difficult   current   reality,   namely,   the   plight   of   the   Assyrian Christians   who   still   struggle   and   suffer   in   today's   Iraq.   The   world   must   turn   its   eyes   to   and   raise   its voice   for   the   protection   and   sustainment   of   this   the   oldest   continuing   Christian   community   in   the world! —Stuart Bowen Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction