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About The Book 
As   the   Middle   East   caldron   continues   to   boil   and   the   Iraq   experience   is   constantly   called   on   as an example of failure, one little known story of the Iraq conflict has finally been told. While   the   military   and   civilian   `Liberation`   of   Iraq   is   well   known   and   well   documented   to   have been   full   of   mistakes   compounded   by   a   precipitous   departure,   there   was   a   little   known,   but   far more influential second `Liberation`. The   other   Liberation   was   led   by   nearly   2.5   million   Americans   and   coalition   forces   that   fanned out   throughout   a   broken   nation   and   loved   a   people,   broken   from   40   years   of   the   terror   of Saddam Hussein. One   for   nearly   every   one   of   the   25   million   Iraqis, America`s   best   and   brightest   rebuilt   hospitals, fixed   the   electricity,   set   up   NGO`s,   counseled   the   broken,   repaired   the   roads   and   schools, helped write a constitution and set up a government. This   `second   Liberation`   was   an   astounding   success,   bringing   back   a   broken   people   from   the brink. Beyond   the   on-the-ground   help,   personal   relationships   continue   to   this   day;   and   as America   did in Europe, Japan and Korea a nation has been launched into freedom. Was   the   Liberation   of   Iraq   a   failure?   Did   4,888   give   their   lives   in   vain?   Were   another   32,000 permanently injured for a big mistake? Did 2.5 serve for nothing? The answer could not be a bigger NO! Things   could   have   been   done   better,   but   in   spite   of   all   the   mistakes   and   failures,   as   they always do, the best and brightest of America did what they do best – love a people. Stunned   at   the   selflessness,   faith   and   joy   of   the   American   troops   and   coalition   forces,   little   by little   the   Iraqis   stood   up. As   they   travelled   throughout   the   region,   they   repeated   the   `Liberation` they   had   experienced.   contributing   to   the   `Arab   Spring`   which   continues   to   move   the   Middle East, even with all its faults, towards freedom. Asking   an   exhausted   soldier   in   the   middle   of   a   dusty   Iraq,   “Why   are   you   here?”   He   replies   in the simplest way possible, “I just want the Iraqis to have what we have – I really love them.” It   was   this   simple,   but   sincere   love   that   touched   the   hearts   of   a   broken   nation,   healed   their brokenness, gave them hope and a way forward. Amir   George   is   the   author   of   the   newly   released   book,   LIBERATING   IRAQ: The   Untold   Story   of the Assyrian   Christians,   which   is   being   presented   to   each American   family   that   lost   a   loved   one in Iraq. Those   wishing   to   donate   a   book   to   a   family   member   and   contribute   to   the   follow-up   book   being prepared   compiling   the   `Liberation`   stories   of   the   2.5   million   who   served   in   Iraq   are   asked   to click on the links below and visit twitter/facebook at liberatingiraq. The book is available for order here. You can also contact the author here